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Why come to the Permaculture Introduction weekend – 27/28 April?

Why have I lived a secret double life as a gardener ?
& what has ‘Permaculture’ got that might interest you?

My work life for the last 10 years has been in leadership and management skills,  and supporting social enterprises to become more sustainable.
So why the secret life as a Gardiner?  – two words: sanity and inspiration!  While living in London and the wild west of Devon, I have again and again turned to the vibrant, verdant wisdom you can see alive and thriving in well designed organic gardens.  Gardens can be abundant, resilient, self sustaining systems that grow and renew themselves, while at the same time providing food and beauty for us humans. All the time the rich capital of a healthy soil gets better with time. They are a great reminder of  some of the basic principles of how nature likes to work. Permaculture design is one of the best schools of thought that I have come across, that condenses some of nature’s wisdom into easy to use  tools.

What is Permaculture ?
It is a design system that uses the principles you can see in healthy ecosystems and helps us use them when we design our gardens, landscapes, homes or organisations.

I hope our upcoming training weekend will make Permaculture a relevant and empowering  way of thinking about your projects in a new way. Whether that is your actual garden or the many other places we are called on to be ‘gardeners’  in our lives!

See below for more details of the next course

27th-28th April 2013 – Permaculture Introduction Weekend at the Quadrangle Trust just south of London. (Saturday from 10am to 5pm and Sunday from 10am to 3pm)
Costs range from £80 to £120 depending on concessions and accommodation.

What could you hope to take away from the weekend?

We will provide you will the basic toolkit for thinking about design using Permaculture. While we will largely focus on gardens and food growing,  I hope to make clear how Permaculture design methods can improve the quality and productivity of our individual lives, the landscapes we live in, and the organisations and community projects we are part of.

From the introduction weekend you can expect sessions on:

• Ethics that underpin the approach and principles that guide our solutions focused thinking.
• Showing the design skills applied to food growing.
• Examples of Permaculture the UK and beyond –  seeing the tools work from extreme desert to Devon.
• An observation exercise in our 2 acre forest Garden
• Video case studies
• A practical exercise
• An overview of the Permaculture network and your local projects.
• Next steps for you to design where you live and where to find ongoing support.

You will also leave with a bundle of useful resources printed for you to read and even more useful bits and bobs on a DVD to browse at your leisure!

There is an option to stay over or just come in for the 2 days.

Please email to book a place (limited places left)


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